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Welcome to Truth Weaver Tarot. The name reflects my reading style: offering you a gentle view of the truth in your life, woven from the cards, my intuition, your circumstances, and your choices -- past, present, and future.

Life is not based just on the answers we receive, but also on the questions we ask.

Please take some time to browse, and when you are ready to ask a question for your reading, simply click on the Ordering tab at the top to submit your question to me.

Reading Style

I am an 'intuitive' psychic, meaning I have a strong intuition for the answers that are most important for you at this time. These intuitive answers provide a greater level of richness as well as an accuracy that can be startling. My readings go beyond the standard "this card means" of some readings. While often answering the basic question, these standard readings lack the more detailed tapestry of your circumstances and choices that I can provide to you.

When I do a reading, I am sensitive to you and your situation. I will always seek to share the answers in a way that provides guidance and benefit to your life at this time, helping you recognize the path your soul is on and where you are heading. It may be simple and gentle statements; sometimes it will be a firm and direct answer; but always, it's provided with love, the strong guidance of the Divine Creator, and assistance from both my and your angels, guides, and spirits.

The Tarot offers glimpses of the future, but it also is a tool of growth -- of your life, of your spirit. As a result, the best questions often are about you, and what you can do in a specific situation or area of your life.

I am glad you have come here to share your journey for a time with someone who offers you a chance to weave more color and richness into the tapestry of your life.


"Bruce, you are amazing. Your reading was so powerful. Thank you for your time and energy. It's so hard to make sense of anything while going through such emotional turmoil and your reading brought me a sense of peace. I really feel the connection even though this took place via email. You have an amazing gift and I am so touched to have found you at this time of need. Thank you for your kindness."
-- Jodi

"It is not easy to find someone who is so honest, sincere and accurate, but Bruce is that person. His desire to share his gift is a blessing. His compassion shines thru in his readings. He knew nothing about the challenges I was facing, but one look at the cards and he instantly knew everything. His reading was so specific and helped me through a difficult time. Thank you for your clarity and kindness."
-- Leanne

"Dear Bruce, it is amazing how your reading got right to the point and everything you said is correct! I had never had such a clear reading from anyone since most of the time I am left rather confused."
-- Dulce

"Thank you so much for your accurate reading. Sometimes a reading will just consist of the card description and very little to do with the questioners life but you really and truly have connected with my life. I am very, very pleased. Thank you again."
-- Ellie

"I have seen that I was right to appreciate so much your reading, it is not only the meaning of the cards, it is much more - you put your finger just on the problem and you were so accurate and also very kind in your approach to the person who asked for your help."
-- GGD

"Thank you very much for the reading you did for me. Once again I feel deeply helped by your kind and compassionate reading, thank you very much also for your encouraging and supportive words."
-- Paula

"It's an amazingly insightful reading, and it described my current situation and put it in a clearer perspective for me. You sound very sincere in tone and I can feel your goodwill. I would also like to add that from time to time I would request free readings, and have even ordered paid readings before, but very few speak to and resonate with me as distinctly and clearly as yours. I can very easily identify which aspects of my life this reading is referring to. Most readings I do not connect to at all, even though I can tell the reader was conscientiously trying to read for me, and to even give feedback needs some stretch of my imagination."
-- Wei X., Singapore

About the Site

The site provides details about my ethics (please read if you have questions about my readings), details on spreads I do and the types of decks I use, an order page, and a section about me. You can click the buttons at the top, or click the links below to go to any page.

Thank you, and may you always weave more truth into the tapestry of your life.